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Tips of the Trade

Apple Picking Tips


The best tasting apples should be firm and free of bruising.

The apples on the outer edges of the tree ripen first. If it's early in the season, pick your own apples from the outlying branches first. As the season progresses you should pick from the inner branches.

Don't yank the apples from the tree. Lift the apple upwards and give a sharp twist. This will keep other apples from falling from the tree.

Place the apples carefully into your basket to prevent bruising.

Apple Storage Tips

Refrain from washing the apples until you are ready to use them. The moisture accelerates spoiling.

When you pick your own apples in bulk, you'll want to store them in a cool basement or fruit cellar. A cool, humid atmosphere is best; however, the apples should be free of moisture.

Be sure that the apples don't freeze as it destroys the collagen and you'll be left with a mushy mess.
Don't store apples next to potatoes. As potatoes age they release a compound that accelerates apple spoilage.

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