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Did you know?


Did you know? The apple is Canada's leading fruit crop.
An estimated 350,000 tonnes of apples were produced in Canada in 2017. New technology and pruning practices have allowed producers to increase tree densities, yields and therefore production.


Canada is a world leader in producing, storing and processing fruits in innovative and environmentally responsible ways.

About two thirds of Canada's apples are shipped fresh, while the rest go to processing markets for uses ranging from pressing for juices and ciders to peeling and slicing for the canning and baking industries.


Apples are a favourite fruit among Canadians and are a healthy snack for all ages!

Eat healthy! An average apple has about 101 calories, is high in dietary fibre and is sodium free. As a source of Vitamin C, the average apple provides you with 15% of the recommended daily intake.


As apples mature they emit ethylene gas that will speed the ripening process of other fruit. Apples can be used to help ripen other fruits, like bananas and pears. Simply put an apple in a paper bag with unripe fruit.


Apples soften ten times faster at room temperature. To keep your apples fresh and crunchy, store them in the fridge!


How do they taste to you? Crunchy? Juicy? Do you know there are many different varieties of apples, each with their own unique taste? Look for varieties you haven't tried before and find a new favourite!

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